Who We Are?

For Internal ICT related matters , do use our one-stop Helpdesk System (https://helpdesk.um.edu.my).

PTM has a team of friendly, knowledgeable staff who are ready to answer questions, help identify services and solutions, or troubleshoot issues related to your IT matters. Visit us online and let us know how we can help.

Pusat Teknologi Maklumat / Centre for Information Technology (PTM) is the centre which provides and supports ICT services for University of Malaya (UM); PTM is responsible for the planning and operations of many of UM's largest and most widely utilized IT systems and services, such as the University’s core wired and wireless networks; the University’s learning management platform (Spectrum) ; security and protection of the University’s computers and networks; central student (iSIS) and business information (HRiS, FiS, UMEXPERT, RGMS, eProcurement etc ; primary data centers for physical and virtual server hosting, and high-performance research computing; and Multimedia & instructional technologies.

We are 115 creative IT staff from 6 departments in PTM who are committed in supporting and advancing the mission of the University of Malaya by delivering world class technology solutions. 

Our governance committees gather input from our key stakeholders to provide oversight and direction in prioritizing investments and overseeing the execution of key initiatives and processes. 

This report summarised on what we have achieved  in terms of ICT development  in 2016.

PTM provides a comprehensive ICT facilities and services for students and staff to support teaching, learning, and research. Our main mission is supporting the University.

From our growing data center and high speed network infrastructure, to multitude of software solutions, to high-level consultation on the use of innovative technologies, we work directly with partners across the UM to understand the needs of our community and deliver real, meaningful value

We provide the following supports for our University ICT Infrastructures :

Our Main Campus Network 

No Item No/Capacity
1 Network Switches 1500 Unit/ 100/1000Mbps
2 Wireless Access Point 2250 Unit 802.11ac
3 Data Point 18,000
4 Network Backbone 1 Gbps/ 10 Gbps
5 Internet  7 Gbps + 10Gbps
6 Internet Service Providers 2 ISP

We are also responsible for internet connectivity in our branch campuses & research facilities:

  • Nilam Puri Campus  - 30Mbps
  • Research facility in Bachok , Kelantan - 12Mbps
  • Klang Hospital -  25 Mbps
  • Research facility, Jelebu , Negeri Sembilan - 4Mbps
  • Banting Hospital - 8Mbps 


Our Data Centre

No Item No/Capacity
1 Number of Servers 115 Physical servers & 88 Virtual Machines
2 Related Peripherals
  1. UPS
  2. Precision AC
  3. Fire Suppression System
  4. High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System
  5. DNS Appliance
  6. Load Balancer
  7. Unified Storage
  8. NFS Storage
  9. Tape Library
  10. Core switch
3 Central Storage Capacity  37.85 Terabyte

Our Applications Systems .

Our application development team are those who developed, customised and maintain 107 internally developed applications which currently serves our UM Community

- consisting of an estimate  27000 student & 6000 staff.



Last Updated: 06/11/2017