Our webhosting service is currently ONLY applicable to departments and organizations within the University of Malaya. Please log into UMPortal ( ‘Maklumat ICT > Perkhidmatan Webhosting’) to : View the policy related to our webhosting service Get

Any further enquiry please contact : +603-7967 7156 / 7967 7157 (Administrator Webhosting PTM)

Please take note that all UM related web site must comply to the following minimum standard :

  • All UM related website must have a ‘ link back’ to UM Website visible on the homepage
  • All UM related website must use the correct UM Logo with the latest Tagline
  • Please ensure that your website have Contact Us Information.
  • For further requirements/ guidelines on layout and content please request through Helpdesk System as step below :

1) Login to https://helpdesk.um.edu.my/
2) Click the New Complaint / New request
3) Complaint to the PTj: PTM / Information Technology Center
4) Please choose Type of Complaint: ICT / PTM
5) Please choose a Problem Category: Application System
6) Please select the Problem Type: Website or Web page or site PTj UM
7) For information updating purpose, please indicate the URL of the site that need to update in the Problem Details section.

Last Updated: 22/06/2017