Web Content Management

We provide a central Web Content Management engine to help facilitate UM Responsibility Center in developing their own respective websites.We offers UM departments & research centres the option to create a distinctive look for their website.

Steps on How to get started with Web Content Management:

  • Please request through Helpdesk System as step below : 

    1) Login to https://helpdesk.um.edu.my/
    2) Click the New Complaint / New request
    3) Complaint to the PTj: PTM / Information Technology Center
    4) Please choose Type of Complaint: ICT / PTM
    5) Please choose a Problem Category: Application System
    6) Please select the Problem Type: UM Website page or site PTj UM
  • Get an appointment via Helpdesk System with all the details below :
             > Department Name / Research Centre :
             > List prospective webmaster:
             > Please state person to contact (email - ummail account and phone number)

Please bring along the following documents during training :

  • Draft wireframe for your new website . Click here for sample
  • softcopy of sample information / content for the website

Any further enquiry please contact : +603-7967 7159 (Administrator UMWeb)

System Helpdesk User Manual-Website




Last Updated: 23/11/2018