Special Project Division

Special Project Division consists of 2 main sections :

i. Big Data & iOT Section : coordinate projects related to Smart Campus Initiatives

Functions :
  1. To explore available technology related to iOT Sensors towards the implementation of Smart Sustainable Campus.
  2. Carry out & monitor pilot projects to study cost and benefits impact
  3. Coordinate JV efforts with potential & existing partners ( Internal & External)

ii. Digital Marketing & Website : responsible for integrated platforms related to the following Portals, Content Management For Website , UM News and UM Mobile Apps etc.

  1. To establish centrally manage cross functional multi platform portal ( UM Portal, QMEC, ISMS, SPA UMCMS)
  2. To establish and manage multi platform digital news publishing/ notification system
  3. Responsible for the management and implementation of Digital Advertising
  4. Responsible for the implementation and expansion of UM Mobile App

Special Project Team - focuses on - Implementation of new technology solution in Day to Day Operation ( Mobile, QrCode, Cashless, IoT, Big Data Analytic, Intelligence) Besides that, the team also responsible for the monitoring of UMWeb site as part of UM Digital Marketing Initiative.

Last Updated: 25/07/2019