Network Division


In general, the Network Division is responsible for the planning, the development, the provision, the supply, the management, and the maintenance of the campus network including branch campuses. Now there are nearly 800 units of hardware network that are monitored and maintained by the Network Division which include hardware switches (core switches, distribution switches, access switches and high performance data centre switches), routers, firewall, Network Box, Intrusion Prevention System and VPN.

Here are the main roles of the Network Division:

i - Online monitoring and maintenance of Internet and the bandwidth of the network:
       a. Main campus: 1000Mbps
       b. City Campus: 8Mbps
       c. Nilampuri Campus: 8Mbps
       d. Klang Hospital Hostels: 4Mbps

ii -  Monitoring and maintenance of hardware firewall, Network Box, Intrusion Prevention System and Virtual Private Network (VPN).

iii - Installation, maintenance and monitoring of the wireless network facilities for students and UM staffs which are made up of 1100 units of Access Point (AP) and 12 units of wireless controllers.


• To design and implement network infrastructure implementation processes.
• To provide access to the internet access for the entire campus, including branch campuses.
• To provide both wired and wireless network for staffs and students
• To provide and maintain network services, such as CCTV, Door Access, etc.
• To monitor network security, Firewalls, Network Private Network (VPN) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).


Last Updated: 28/04/2017