Section of Multimedia was established in late 2009. The section serves as a center of production for digital content in University of Malaya. This section also responsible for developing and providing advice in improving teaching and learning materials in the form of interactive multimedia design, digital graphics for posters, advertising, websites and so on.

Section of Multimedia provides live video footage via webcast, video conferencing, teleconferencing, audio recordings, and photography. They also produce the final product in the form of video CD / DVD.


  • Manage and implement the development of multimedia content to support research and education in order to produce digital content e-Learning.
  • Manage and implement publishing of Audio and Video content for teaching and learning.
  • Manage and implement video recording services, video conferencing and webcasting of official events and activities in UM.
  • Manage and carry out related work to video editing, graphics and digital photography.
  • Provide Technical advice on improvement of multimedia content for teaching and learning.


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Last Updated: 25/04/2018