Management Information System Division


Information Management System division is responsible for the development and maintenance of Student Information System & Human Resource application system.


  • To develop application system that supports the Student Information System & Human Resources processes.
  • To execute and manage system application developed in accordance to the requirements of the core functionality.
  • To provide technical consultancy services to the Responsibility Centre in application
  • planning and development.
  • To manage the integrity and integration of application systems.
  • To cooperate with Responsibility Centre in organising briefings, trainings and road shows for application systems that are being developed.



Student Information Systems Section was established in 2011 to cater to the need for a complete integrated application to support students' information processing cycles. BITMAP is responsible for the development and maintenance of a dedicated system for the management of information and records relating to the students’ academic and co-curricular activities. Generally academic application is developed to support all activities in an integrated manner starting from the process of application for admission candidates until graduation.


To develop application systems to support the university's administration in the management of student information. 

To study, plan and upgrade applications developed to meet the needs of current technology. 

To review and give technical advice to Responsibility Centre in system development planning and implementation of policies universities so that they are in line. 

To collaborate with Responsibility Centre in organising briefings, training and road shows for application systems being developed. 

To study, plan and implement the integration of systems developed by BITMAP to the system developed by The Centre for Information Technology and systems developed by the responsible centre 

To provide application and/or provide student related data to ministries, government departments and external agencies.

Last Updated: 22/06/2017