Welcome To PTM


  • To be an innovative ICT center in supporting research, teaching & learning by providing the state-of-the-art technology.


  • To provide and support up-to-date, quality ICT facilities to fulfill customer's requirements.


  • To provide robust and  reliable ICT infrastructure and services
  • To improve user experience through responsive, user-centered ICT services and adoption of Internet-of-Things
  • To improve data visibility through data analytics to support data-driven decision making
  • To protect ICT services from cyberattacks and intrusions
  • To support the University’s strategic plan in income generation and cost optimization
  • To develop an organization with expertise to plan and fulfill ICT requirements


  •  ICT Infrastructure Management
  •  Information Systems Management
  •  ICT Security Safeguards and Monitoring
  •  Event based IT Support (Multimedia,Live Feed,WiFi etc)
  •  ICT Training & Courses 

History of PTM

Pusat Komputer was an organised computing facilities  introduced in Universiti Malaya (U.M) in mid-1967 with the installation on an IBM 1130 computer system. At that point in time, U.M. was one of the pioneers in the use of computers in this country.

Computing services were available on an IBM 1130 central processing unit with 8K (16-bit) words main memory, a card read/ punch unit and a line printer...more

ICT Divisions

Governance, Security & Administration Division was formed in Nov 2016 as a result of merging several divisions/units. The main functions of this division are as follows. ..more
In general, the Network Division is responsible for the planning, the development, the provision, the supply, the management, and the maintenance of the campus network including branch campuses. Now there are nearly 800 units of hardware network that are monitored and maintained by the Network Division which include hardware switches (core switches, distribution switches, access switches and high performance data centre switches), routers, firewall, Network Box, Intrusion Prevention System and VPN. ..more
The Data Centre Management Division (BPPD) is responsible for ensuring that data and information in digital form owned by The University of Malaya are stored in a stable infrastructure and always within easy reach (highly available)and safe (secure) by the entities that have been identified through controlled access. This division is responsible for planning, managing, maintaining and monitoring the Data Centre equipments, such as servers, storage and hardware (equipment/appliance) related, so that the function and capacity are capable of supporting and are scaled (scalable) to the needs of the existing major application systems and those planned by The University of Malaya in supporting the University's core services. ..more
Information Management System division is responsible for the development and maintenance of Human Resource application system. Over the years, this division has helped Responsibility Centre to automate and perform human resource processes online starting from recruitment until termination. ..more
Innovation & Commercialization Division, PTM has been established with a view to developing a collaborative web portal application for UM community needs across various administrative functions. In general, the development project by the BPE is more focused on the use of new web technology for UM community needs a more open and innovative in reducing red tape. In addition, BPE members also represent UM in various Technical Committees in the Public Sector Open Source which is organised by MAMPU nationally. ..more
Special Project Division - focuses on - Implementation of new technology solution in Day to Day Operation ( Mobile, QrCode, Cashless, iOT, Big Data Analytic, Intelligence) Besides that, the team also responsible for the monitoring of UMWeb site as part of UM Digital Marketing Initiative..More Info
ICT Operations & Support Division was established in Nov 2016 after merging ICT Computer and Software Management Division and Multimedia Division into one division. The purpose of this restructuring is to ensure that the activities to be undertaken are focused on ICT support and operations. Now this division divided into three (3) sections as listed below. ..more

Last Updated: 06/08/2019