Innovation & Commercialization Division



Innovation & Commercialization Division, PTM has been established with a view to developing a collaborative web portal application for UM community needs across various administrative functions. In general, the development project by the BIK is more focused on the use of new web technology for UM community needs a more open and innovative in reducing red tape. In addition, BIK members also represent UM in various Technical Committees in the Public Sector Open Source which is organised by MAMPU nationally.


Produce innovative systems-based web applications to enable UM citizens to improve the productivity and quality of work and to make existing processes easier and cost-effectively.

Applying the Open Source of innovative technology to produce innovative and efficient system applications.

To study, plan and develop new integrative portal applications of research management activities and academic activities and other related special needs.

Review and plan needs to implement a new integration process platform across multiple collaborative applications and existing administrative applications.

To study, plan, upgrade and maintain collaborative portal application place to make sure everything operates smoothly and always meet current needs, for example, UMEXPERT, UMPortal, Umisisweb, UM Website, Research Information Management System, Central Authentication Management System (Single Sign On ), IAMs, and others.

To provide advice and training on the application of collaborative technology Open Source, providing website development and Special Portal application needs, SMS technology implementation, Online Credit Card technology implementation and the dissemination of information through various existing routes. 


Last Updated: 02/03/2018