Infrastructure Planning & Development


Overarching goal

An engaging and sustainable campus


Overall achievement

90.9 %


Activities and enhancements

  • Data center migration to new building (PTM)
  • Wifi and wired network upgrade at responsibility centers(PTM)
  • Student application system upgrade (PTM)
  • New Asset Management System (PTM)
  • New Main Water Reservoir 2 x 2ML (JPPHB)
  • New Main Intake Substation 33kV/11kV (JPPHB)
  • Renovation at Rumah Universiti & Apartment Jepun (JPPHB)
  • Upgrading infrastructure (lift, air conditioning, LED lighting, sustainability project (JPPHB)

Intangible ROI

Development & maintenance of strategic facilities; state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure & intelligence; reduction of carbon footprint, energy saving, water conservation, & a green campus; promoting engagement, wellness, accessibility & inclusivity


Last Updated: 17/10/2017