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Email facility for students and staff with unlimited mailbox quota.

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Microsoft 365
Office 365 Education is a free suite of hosted Microsoft services and applications that is intended for your educational needs.

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One stop portal for students and staff to access a variety of services. Helpdesk System


Available at residential colleges, departments and faculties.Use your UM email credentials to log in.
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Wired Network
Minimum speed is 100/1000Mbps for every wired user. Data ports are mostly available in offices, teaching halls/rooms, laboratories and meeting rooms
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Internet Gateway Capacity
UM provides a total of 8 Gbps connectivity to the Internet. The connectivity is provided by TT DotCom and MyRen.
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  1. Extends private network across a public network and enables you to send and receive data across shared or public network.
  2. VPN Apps For Those Who Need To Access UMMaiL From CHINA
hazur@um.edu.my /
Education roaming is an international roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. Use your UM email credentials to log in from any location in the world that provides Eduroam service.
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Data Center

Webhosting service for departments, registered bodies and student associations within UM


Domain name registration
Domain name registration for departments and authorised associations and conferences within UM
Server Optimisation consultancy
Able to seek consultancy from our server experts on how to increase your server performance and accessibility.

ICT Security

Incident Handling
Report ICT security related incidents, adverse events and weaknesses to Pusat Teknologi Maklumat
Computers, Applications,Servers and Network Security Assessment and Audit
Security assessment and audit services for computers applications, servers and network
ICT Assets Monitoring and Analyzing
Monitoring and analyzing ICT assets to observe any abnormalities
Log Analysis
Log analysis services for forensic purposes
Security Awareness Program
Conduct security awareness campaign thru e-mail, web and training. We handle various latest website development. We also provide consultancy on how to increase your web crawling and accessibility

Software Development

Web Development
We handle various latest website development. We also provide consultancy on how to increase your web crawling and accessibility
Conference Webpages
We provides services to design, configure and launch new conference pages.
kanmani@um.edu.my / biai@um.edu.my
System Development Consultancy
Able to seek consultancy on the system development and system integration with various system.
kanmani@um.edu.my / marina@um.edu.my

Last Updated: 02/05/2019