Data Centre Management Division


The Data Centre Management Division (BPPD) is responsible for ensuring that data and information in digital form owned by The University of Malaya are stored in a stable infrastructure and always within easy reach (highly available) and safe (secure) by the entities that have been identified through controlled access. This division is responsible for planning, managing, maintaining and monitoring the Data Centre equipments, such as servers, storage and hardware (equipment/appliance) related, so that the function and capacity are capable of supporting and are scaled (scalable) to the needs of the existing major application systems and those planned by The University of Malaya in supporting the University's core services.

To support business continuity core services of the University, BPPD is also responsible for planning and providing a Disaster Recovery Site to face possible disaster and minimise the impact of disasters on the core services of the University.


• To identify, plan and apply new technology hardware and software for high performance data centres, scalable and can be used safely (secure) by PTM Data Centre for ICT applications and services to support The University of Malaya.

• To identify and apply appropriate technology to launch and enhance the user while using the system application developed by PTM with the appropriate technology. For example, the use of enhanced UMMail terms of user experience with applications such as Load Balancer technology (to increase availability) and spam filtering technology (to reduce junk emails).

• To maintain and monitor data centre infrastructure facility consisting of servers, software and tools that support the University ICT applications and services to ensure availability, performance, capacity and security servers, hardware and applications at a higher level.

• To manage and monitor the use of servicing Storage Area Network and Virtualisation Infrastructure to achieve the objective of storage and server consolidation.

• To manage backup and restore applications and databases.

• To provide DNS services to campus (

• To manage webhosting services for Responsibility Centre-Responsibility Centre in The University of Malaya.

• To develop, maintain and monitor the server infrastructure for the Disaster Recovery Site.

• To contribute to the testing of the Disaster Recovery Plan to test the application and database recovery.

• To manage agreements for support services, license renewal and extension of warranty for the server, database and software.

• To manage server rooms for safety, capacity, hygiene and matters related.

• To monitor environmental facilities such as air-conditioning systems, fire protection systems and UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) in the Data Centre. 


Last Updated: 03/05/2018