Background of BOSICT


ICT Operations & Support Division was established in Nov 2016 after merging ICT Computer and Software Management Division and Multimedia Division into one division. The purpose of this restructuring is to ensure that the activities to be undertaken are focused on ICT support and operations. Now this division divided into three (3) sections as listed below :-  

  1. Computer Management

Computer Management function at PTM has been established since January 2015. This section is responsible for planning, managing, providing, supplying, maintaining and repairing the ICT equipment such as computers and laptops used by UM staff for teaching, learning and administration. In addition, this section also manages and monitors the progress of ICT complaints made by staff and students via Helpdesk System (

  1. Software Management

The Software Management Section has been established since November 2004. Main function of this section includes activities such as managing teaching & learning software licenses, software acquisitions, price negotiations & budget planning.

Besides that, this section also manage : Software portals, MS Sharepoint ; e-Document Management System (eDMS) and handles the functional software testing activities.

  1. Multimedia

Section of Multimedia was established in late 2009. The section serves as a center of production for digital content in University of Malaya. This section also responsible for developing and providing advice in improving teaching and learning materials in the form of interactive multimedia design, digital graphics for posters, advertising, websites and so on.

Section of Multimedia provides live video footage via webcast, video conferencing, teleconferencing, audio recordings, and photography. They also produce the final product in the form of video CD / DVD.


Last Updated: 07/03/2018