E-Procurement is an electronic procurement system developed in-house by PTM ..more

ICT Security

What can you do to prevent hackers from capturing confidential University information? ..more

Multimedia Services

IP based video broadcasting services for events such as ; the University events ..more


Our webhosting service is only applicable to departments and organizations within the UM ..more

Domain Name

Our Domain Name service is only applicable to departments and organizations within the UM ..more


MIGS is another type of online payment service introduced to help facilitate financial transactions ..more

Software Available

PTM is offering to all students to download and use Genuine copies of Microsoft product for FREE ..more

Industrial Training

PTM offers an internship programs to all students pursuing diploma and degree in IT, Comp Science ..more

Free Office 365 Education Plus for UM

Microsoft Office 365 absolutely Free for UM staff and students. All users are eligible for Office 365Education Plus. Please take this opportunity NOW !!!

We are proud to announce the availability of Microsoft Office 365 Plus for all UM staff and students where each user will be able to enjoy the benefits and advantages of this technology.

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  • Management Information System Division
  • Innovation & Commercialization Division
  • Governance, Security & Administration Division
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